How to join as a member?

Currently our membership is free to join! You can either sign up with email & phone number or log in with your SNS accounts to enjoy all of our deals.

How long it takes to get my items?

Normally it takes 7-14 days to deliver. If the item you are purchasing in at local warehouse, it may take only 2-3 days.  

Do I have to pay for the delivery if I return the product?

Yes. You can get the address through the customer service and send the item back. We guarantee 14 days free return.

When will an out-of-stock item that i want to buy be stocked again?

As we are taking a strict management of our inventory control, the quantity of each product is limited. We will take our customers’ suggestions and trading data to restock the items.

If there is anything you are still unclear about or willing to know more after reading the FAQs above, please email us at csa.alekum@gmail.com. Any suggestions are welcome. Thank you.