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Dual USB Car Charger Lighter Double Power Adapter Socket Splitter
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【installation method】:

1. Insert the cigarette lighter plug into the cigarette lighter socket. At this time, the indicator light of the plug is on, indicating that it is working normally. If the indicator light is not bright, check whether the circuit is short-circuited or blow the fuse.

2. This product is equipped with an angle positioning device, which can adjust the angle of use at will. The adjustment range is 90°.


1. Beautiful LED lighting design to add new highlights to your car

2. This product is a one-two cigarette lighter socket with a total output power of 80W; the total USB output current is 3.1A, which can simultaneously charge one IPAD and one mobile phone.

3. This product is suitable for voltage of various models, and the applicable voltage is 12V and 24V.

4. Replaceable fuse and a safety fuse

[Precautions]: This product is a one-piece socket. Before purchase, please confirm whether your car’s cigarette lighter position is suitable; do not use more than 80W of total electrical power; do not use this product in high temperature or humid environment; Do not hit this product strongly.


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